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Event Creation, Pop Up Events is one of Olivia Wachter Management's special services!


 Interested in creating your dream event, you can hire us to make this happen!

Olivia Wachter Management also specializes in our own Event Creations. If you are interested or need some support with your next event, send us an email with these topics below to get started!

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previous events:

Your Application details must include:

• Your Contact Info (Name,Phone Number and Email address)

• Your Event Date: (we require that you hire us at least 3 months - 5 weeks in advanced. 

• Did you book your talent (Ie, musicians, performers, DJ's, your staff?)

• What is your budget?

•What is your event date? (Ie, Holiday Party, BBQ, Wedding, Corporate?)

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Do you feel stuck? Want to just get some advice on where to go next? Book in your free 30 min coaching call with us today to get started! 

We believe here at Olivia Wachter Management that an artist's career is always going to need the support from receiving some extra knowledge on what they should do next. Most artists today are solo-treprenuers therefore, sometimes its difficult to know if you are taking the right steps to marketing your career, booking and promoting your own shows, creating the right idea for your next big music video and more! Therefore, with our expertise, we are more than welcome to support you with some advice on where to go next. We can also guide you as well through a longer process to make sure you will feel confident and bold that you are ready to continue with your career to receive the growth that you want to achieve. Email us now with a complete application, listed below so we can move toward scheduling in the complimentary session! 

NOTE: no contract required! Its a simple Artist Coaching Call! 

Your application details must include:

• Your Contact Information

• Your Artist Name & Your Genre

• Why you are looking for support in the music business?

• Social Media Links & Artist Bio

• Your top 3 tracks or EP / Album

• Your long-term & short term goals as a performing artist.

• Thank you for your submission, only those who submit all of the listed material will be contacted!

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